HeyUGuys at Cannes 2010: The Highlights?

Now that the film schedule has been announced, and Ive discovered that my day-early departure means I will only miss ‘Burnt By The Sun 2: Exodus’ of the films I was definitely keen to see, I have a better idea of the films showing, and have come up with the ten most important films showing at this year’s 63rd Cannes Film Festival.

The list is by no means definitive, and is of course influenced most heavily by Western films (and English languages ones even more heavily), which I hope is forgiveable by the fact that they are most likely to hit our screens.

So here they are in no particular order:

10. The Tree

Director: Julie Bertuccelli

Starring: Marton Csokas, Morgana Davies, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Synopsis: After the sudden loss of her father, 8-year-old Simone shares a secret with her mother Dawn: her father whispers to her through the leaves of

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