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Exile on Rodeo Drive: Universal Begins Rolling Out the Stones Gear

Next week, Universal Music Group will release its greatly expanded edition of the Rolling Stones’ seminal 1972 recording Exile on Main Street. Big news for Stones fans (10 bonus tracks!), but don’t be surprised if the music takes a back seat to the staggering amount of Exile-related merchandise being dropped into the market as well. Universal’s merchandising arm, Bravado, is assembling an unprecedented collection of products tied to the Exile re-release that cuts across the entire economic strata, from $15 T-shirts to $500,000 jewel-encrusted belt buckles. The signature piece: a 65-pound glossy wooden box packed with, among other goodies, the new CD, a 64-page clothbound photo album of Exile-era pictures taken by French photographer Dominique Tarle, a DVD containing excerpts from the documentary Stones in Exile, the infamous Cocksucker Blues (filmed during the Stones’ 1972 American tour), and Ladies and Gentlemen The Rolling Stones, as well as three lithographs individually signed by either Mick Jagger,

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