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Philip Madoc obituary

Actor with a flair for transformation, from Doctor Who aliens and the Dad's Army U-boat captain to Lloyd George and King Lear

The actor Philip Madoc, who has died aged 77 after a short illness, became one of Wales's best-known faces through playing villains and officers on television for half a century. His rich, sonorous voice was heard to marvellous effect when he took the role of King Lear in a 2007 BBC radio broadcast: it was as ideal for Shakespeare as it was for light comedy or reciting the prose of Dylan Thomas, at which he was masterly.

His television work brought him four different roles in Doctor Who, but he really made his name as the vicious Huron warrior Magua in the 1971 BBC series The Last of the Mohicans. He swaggered dangerously, semi-naked, in dark body make-up, and a shaven hairstyle with Mohican brush that pre-empted punk by several years.

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