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The Cannes film festival in my head | Peter Bradshaw

In this lull before the whirlwind of the 63rd edition starts, the question that I've been pondering is this: why have these past Cannes discoveries never crossed the Channel for a UK release?

Here we are in Cannes, the day before the official opening: the Tuesday Lull. It's the calm before the storm, which, traditionally, is not all that calm. The red carpet is still being hammered into place and the Grand Palais prepared by grey-suited officials bustling about everywhere. Last year, my friend Nigel Andrews of the Financial Times told me he saw a Cannes local walk down the Croisette, survey the scene and loudly sigh: "Les conneries commencent …" ("The bullshit begins …"). For journalists covering the festival, this is a time for savouring all the possibilities of movie experience that must surely be available in the next 10 days, before you're suddenly plunged straight into it, and there never seems to be enough time,

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