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Machinima Debuts Bigger, Longer, Bloodier ‘Bite Me’ Season 2

Josh Levin wrote this great review of Zombieland for Slate back in 2009. His thesis states that Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone’s romp through the undead, Bill Murray’s mansion, and the Southwestern United States is so good because the action unspools less like a movie and more like a movie made by a gamer who’s obsessed with first-person shooters. Here’s an excerpt: Zombie cinema has already been sliced into such thin micro-genres— zombie pole dancers! zombie Nazis! — that auteurs of the undead should probably stop striving for originality. And yet Zombieland is something new, perhaps because it borrows from another medium. While the movie may not have been hatched inside a PlayStation, Zombieland reveals why every video-game movie ever made has been horrendous. Games, particularly the kind that get optioned by Hollywood, are supposed to be fun. Movies based on games, however, take themselves altogether too seriously,

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