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Don't Know About 'For Blood Or Justice'? Here's A Bunch Of Images To Get You Started

We've gotten wind of a new horror/noir movie that's just wrapping up production called For Blood Or Justice, and we've got a bunch of stills to share with you! Written and directed by Todd Kniss (Blood Deep) the film, "tells the story of Cotton De La Croix, an eccentric Texas lawman who will stop at nothing to bring Alex and Angel a pair of rampaging, psychotic killers, to justice. But when he illegally crosses the border into Mexico he is not only alone and out of his jurisdiction, but also in over his head in a bizarre and horrific new world. Confronted by an avenging ex-Luchador, a terrorized deaf stripper, a crusading Mexican detective, and a deranged scientist with a laboratory full of murderous creatures, he must use every skill he has to stop a relentless tide of death and destruction."

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