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Sibblingz Set to Change the World of Mobile Gaming

We’ve all experienced the pangs of envy when a game we want isn’t available on one platform or another. If you’re a MacBook Pro owner like me (and a dedicated Mac gamer), when you look for Mac games you step into a time machine — going backwards. PC owners saw the original Bioshock in 2007. I picked up the Mac version at the end of 2009 — two years later!

My example is an extreme one, but the fact is, it takes development shops time and money to port games between platforms and so there has to be a real business case to port a game over. When the stakes are high and games expensive to make, one bad decision can cost millions of dollars (Anybody know how many copies of Bioshock sold for the Mac?).

But the idea of porting is becoming less relevant in today’s world of social games.

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