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La Habanera – Zarah Leander – d: Douglas Sirk

La Habanera (1937) Direction: Detlef Sierck (aka Douglas Sirk) Screenplay: Gerhard Menzel Cast: Zarah Leander, Ferdinand Marian, Karl Martell, Julia Serda, Boris Alekin, Michael Schulz-Dornburg Zarah Leander La Habanera First, I have to state that I watched Douglas Sirk’s La Habanera, not knowing what to expect. All I knew was the brief synopsis on the DVD box. I also knew that Sirk was a director of such lush 1950s Technicolor soapers as Magnificent Obsession, All That Heaven Allows, and Written on the Wind. None of which would ever appear on my "favorites" list. But La Habanera was produced in Germany in 1937 in black and white, and starred an actress I had heard about — Zarah Leander — but had never seen before, so [...]

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