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Dante Lam’s The Sniper: UK DVD review

Director: Dante Lam. Review: Adam Wing. If you look back at Dante Lam’s career you’re sure to discover a fine body of work. Beast Cops is an obvious standout, but lets not forget The Beast Stalker, The Stool Pigeon and even The Twins Effect; well I liked it anyway. The Sniper (the literal translation is Godly Gunslingers) finally hit theatres in 2009, sandwiched between the quite awesome The Beast Stalker and the almost as awesome The Stool Pigeon. It’s not as good as either of those films but considering the turbulent journey it took on its way to the big screen, I’m surprised there’s enjoyment to be had at all. The Sniper revolves around the Godly gunslingers of the Hong Kong Police Force’s Special Duties Unit (Sdu). Richie Jen (Exiled) takes on (and takes off his shirt) Huang Xiaoming (Royal Tramp), two deadly sharpshooters on opposite sides of the law.

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