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Myrna Loy: Never Oscar Nominated

Myrna Loy Q&A Pt.2: Political Activism, Hollywood blacklist While doing research on Myrna Loy and her times, was there anything that came as a shock to you? Any major difficulties while trying to uncover aspects of Loy's life and career? Was there a "most enjoyable" area of research? Or perhaps a "least enjoyable"? I sometimes felt frustrated by Loy's success in covering her tracks. I longed for more revelations, but her step-granddaughter Deb Hornblow warned me when I first got going on this book that it was going to be tough to find original material that was going to unlock secrets. Also, time has passed, and most of those closest to her are not around any more. Most enjoyable to me was watching Myrna Loy movies. She was a really terrific actress, a natural, without formal training or a background in theater, who had a grace, intelligence and

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