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Love Life: a TV romance to fall head over heels in love with?

Television love stories have given us some brilliant couples – so why aren't there more romantic dramas on screen?

We have fallen for Ross and Rachel; swooned over Adam and Rachel, and held our breath as Carrie and Big's relationship. And now ITV hopes viewers we will fall for another couple whose relationship is, well, complicated. But can writer Bill Gallagher's new drama Love Life, which tells the story of couple Joe (Rob James-Collier) and Lucy (Andrea Lowe) – in love, but wanting different things – prove that television romance is far from dead.

Compared with anything involving stethoscopes or blue lights and sirens, straightforward love stories are relatively rare on television. While romantic fiction does well in the book charts, and romantic films continue to be big draws for cinema (even if they star Jennifer Aniston) television tends to steer clear of wide-eyed lovey dovey stuff.

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