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Whatever Happened To Pete Blaggit? The British Indie Hit Comes To DVD

With the British indie film scene on the rise, March 2012 sees the release of one of its most intriguing and successful stories to date, that being the genre mash up Whatever Happened To Pete Blaggit?, hailed as Shaun Of The Dead meets Donnie Darko.

Pete Blaggit (Rob Leetham) who shoots wedding videos with his brother Eugene (comedian Andy Pandini) and friend Clive (Coronation Street’s Adam Rickitt) leads a miserable existence, living with his ex-wife (co-producer Gabrielle Amies) and watching much happier couples have the best day of their lives over and over. Well its slowly killing the man, and the alcohol doesn’t help. When he thinks his life just can’t get any worse Pete is thrown into a dark, twisted adventure, encountering alien abductions, time travel and a seedy criminal underworld. Will all this change his simple life for the better or will Pete Blaggit stay the

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