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TV review: Love Life; Mary's Bottom Line

It's got starry names – and lots of pillows – but this love story just isn't very good

At the start of new romantic drama Love Life (ITV), traveller Joe returns from a round-the-world trip full of dull stories and photos of Mount Everest. Hang on, that's not Everest, it is not even in the Himalayas by the looks of things. You would have thought they'd have got that right. Or maybe Joe's a liar, and he is not the big adventurer he pretends to be.

Anyway, he goes out on the lash with the lads and bumps into his ex, Lucy, whose decision to come off the pill was what prompted him to skedaddle in the first place. Personally, I think it also had something to do with her penguin-print onesie. Lucy's like that – cosy, homely, a nester, enough to send any man round the world. Now she has got herself knocked up,

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