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Watch the BAFTA Video Game Awards Live

Tonight the BAFTA Video Game Awards are being held in London and the list of nominees shows the breadth of talent being celebrated and you can watch along live with us.

BAFTA’s push to educate people about the importance of gaming and to celebrate the very best in this medium is commendable and they are best placed to do this with access to the top names in the industry.

The titles being celebrated tonight include the annual editions of the most popular franchises but there’s a lot of innovation on show; the latest version of Call of Duty, Portal 2, Super Mario 3D Land and the internet-conquerinig Skyrim are all up for awards tonight along with many more.

The IGN stream will go live from 20.15 and you can watch along below,

Here’s the feed, enjoy!

The 2012 BAFTA Game Award nominees are below,


Assassin’s Creed Revelations - Martin Schelling,

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