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'Fairly Legal': Sarah Shahi is back for Season 2 - what did you think of the 'creative changes'?

When USA renewed "Fairly Legal" for a second season, they replaced showrunner Michael Sardo with Peter Ocko and decided to make some "creative changes," which entailed focusing more on the core characters than the mediation of the week, making it more of a character study than a legal procedural.

In the Season 2 premiere, it's hard to say whether those changes were readily apparent. On the one hand, there were some wonderful story arcs introduced that will play out all season - Reed & Reed being in trouble financially and bringing in a new partner, Justin deciding to challenge his current (awful) boss for the District Attorney's job, Justin's infidelity confession.

However, a large portion of the episode was still dominated by the case of the week, with Kate playing Nancy Drew instead of mediating. We're not criticizing - it was an interesting case and any time Michael Hogan gets punched by John Aylward,

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