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It Came From 1980 X: Judgement Day (1988)

Welcome to a brand spanking new weekly column here on The Liberal Dead. What you’ll find on It Came From 1980 X is the finest (you know the Colt 45 variety) in films from the VHS era that may or may not have made it to DVD and may or may not be worth a watch. It’s time to unwrap the magnetic tape from the heads of our Vcr’s and open our eyes the way the once were. You can consider this your virtual Mom and Pop video store. That doesn’t mean we sell or rent tapes by any means. Unfortunately there’s just no way to make renting our beloved medium of choice possible for us at this time without losing our entire stock to the private collections of you super creepies. Instead we’ll recommend the movies, and you’ll be responsible for salvaging them

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