Cannes festival draws veil over erotic film starring Emmanuelle Béart and Michaël Cohen

Critics will not be able to see love story that features the king and queen of French cinema

The organisers of the Cannes festival have a habit each year of selecting one film with unusually explicit sexual or violent content. Last year Lars von Trier's Antichrist caused outrage with its portrayal of sadistic and masochistic acts, and in 2004 the British director Michael Winterbottom shocked audiences with his erotic romance, 9 Songs. Two years earlier Gaspar Noé pushed back the boundaries at the festival with Irréversible, which featured a prolonged rape scene. This year, in contrast, the festival is accused of deliberately keeping the most provocative French film of the season out of all its selected screenings.

Ça Commence par la Fin, which tells the story of the apparent disintegration of a couple's passionate physical and emotional relationship and which stars the husband and wife team Michaël Cohen and Emmanuelle Béart

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