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Sci-fi action film Time Again picked up for worldwide release

Sci-fi action film Time Again has been acquired for worldwide distribution by Maxim Media International, it has been announced.

The project - with the tagline 'That was now, this is then' - is the directorial debut of Ray Karwel, who said: "Time Again is a tribute to the old school action movies; a cross between Die Hard and Time Cop with the feel of early action of John Woo and Jackie Chan."

A synopsis, casting details and trailer are included below.

The story sees a young waitress receiving strange coins for a tip and becoming inadvertently embroiled in an underworld battle with a notorious criminal that leads to her death. With the help of a mysterious old lady, the waitress's younger sister goes back in time in repeated attempts to save her from being murdered.

Time Again stars Hollywood veteran Gigi Perreau (Journey to the Center of Time, The Brady Bunch

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