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Wamg Interview: Julie Adams – Star of Creature From The Black Lagoon

She.ll always be best known as Kay Lawrence, the beauty that the Gillman falls in love with the moment he spies her swimming above him in Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954). Mimicking her movements in the water, the Creature performs a lustful underwater mating dance . he.s directly beneath her but she’s unaware of his amorous overtures in the murky depths of the river. It.s a desire most men (and monster kids) could relate to and Julie Adams is the actress who will always be fondly remembered as the .girl in the white one-piece..

Born Betty May Adams and raised near Little Rock Arkansas, Julie was bit by the acting bug early and moved to California to become an actress. She worked as a secretary to support herself and spent her free time taking speech lessons and making the rounds at the various movie studio casting departments.

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