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Brendan Cowell on Save Your Legs and The Slap

If anyone should be aware of the power of cricket to reveal the best and worst sides of human nature, it.s Brendan Cowell. After all, Cowell wrote (and stars in) the upcoming cricket comedy Save Your Legs! (which was recently filming in India) as well as two episodes of Matchbox Pictures. The Slap, a fictional series exploring a traumatic chain of events ignited when an adult slaps a child during a backyard cricket game. Although Cowell looks upon both writing experiences fondly, they couldn.t be further apart in terms of tone. Save Your Legs! tells the story of Edward Teddy Brown, who starts a cricket team with his two best mates to embark on a tour of India and recapture his childhood dreams. The story is especially relevant to Cowell, a thirtysomething cricket...

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