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CW's "Supernatural" and the Curse with "Out with the Old:" A Television Review

Director: John F. Showalter.

Writers: Robert Singer & Jenny Klein.

Shades of CBS television's "Friday the 13th: the TV Series" can be found in the latest episode of CW's "Supernatural." "Out with the Old" is a good variation on a familiar concept. While the brothers go chasing down cursed objects, like pink ballerina shoes, that were once locked up in a special magical container, the Leviathans decide to surface again like the whales they are. And this time they are unsure if they should cash in on the bounty that is on the Winchester's head.

But as for which story is more important, the obvious choice is with Dick Roman's many associates. They run numerous subsidiary real estate companies, like Bicklebee Real Estate, who are in the market of serving some secretive agendas. Throughout most of the United States, they are buying up mom and pop businesses. As for why,

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