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1984 Remake in the Works

Get ready for another flurry of dystopian science-fiction on the big screen, folks. With The Hunger Games expected to do gangbusters at the box office this weekend, studios are scrambling to find similar properties that might be able to capitalize on its success. Over at Imagine Entertainment, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer have taken it upon themselves to revisit the granddaddy of them all, George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. No word yet on if this is a project that Ron Howard wants to direct himself, but strangely, street artist Shepard Fairey will be involved in some capacity after helping them secure the rights to the book. Word on the street is that he may take on a producer role in the film. According to THR, Imagine Entertainment was negotiating for the rights to Orwell's seminal 1948 novel separately from Julie Yorn of Lbi Entertainment, so they decided to team up and develop the new movie together.

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