Stuck Between Stations

Stuck Between Stations accurately summarizes this flat little-engine-that-can’t. Aspiring to the great heights of the indie genius of Jessica Westfeldt, justifiably idolized for Kissing Jessica Stein and the superbly moving new release Friends With Kids, the makers of this self-indulgent and staggeringly long 84-minute journey would have done better to watch, not do.

The plot loosely follows Casper (Sam Rosen) returning home scarred from war and running into a girl from elementary and high school, Becky (Zoe Lister Jones). What follows is the philosophical events of one night, a la Linklater, including cameos by David (Michael Imperioli), the academic advisor Becky has been sleeping with, and Paddy (Josh Hartnett, who’s fourth billed in the credits; he’s fallen far), the party friend who proselytizes about Casper’s role as a jackboot corporate drone who fights for Halliburton. Among the many examples of terrible writing in this project, Paddy’s rants elicit a nonsensical,

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