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Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

There are bigger movies, and there are better movies, but few movies have become the go to selection when throwing out favorite or best film titles, and fewer still have become as synonymous with Hollywood itself. A film that was famously released without a great deal of expectation coming from anyone involved with its creation, it has become not only an icon of the movie industry, but an inescapable part of American culture.

The Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition adds even more bonuses to watch, plus some physical goodies, making it a must buy, and great gift, especially for anyone who hasn’t broken down and taken the title home before.

The standard caveat to this edition, especially among the serious fans who pay attention to such things, is going to be the fact that the film had an Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray release only a few years ago, and that edition

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