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Pink Ribbons, Inc. Opens June 1 in New York & Los Angeles

First Run Features Announces U.S. Theatrical Premiere of

Controversial Documentary by Léa Pool

Opening in New York & Los Angeles June 1, 2012

Nationwide Rollout Begins June 8

Who really benefits from the pink ribbon campaigns – the cause or the companies?

Directed by veteran filmmaker Léa Pool for the National Film Board of Canada, Pink Ribbons, Inc. examines the ubiquitous pink ribbon campaigns for breast cancer. The film looks at how the breast cancer movement has moved from activism to consumerism and challenges viewers to rethink their assumptions about the meaning of breast cancer in our society.

The film is inspired by the book Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Dr. Samantha King, who is interviewed in the film along with activists and medical experts like Barbara A. Brenner, Dr. Charlene Elliott, Barbara Ehrenreich and Dr. Susan Love. Also featured are candid personal discussions among women living with breast cancer,

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