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Here and There (Tamo i ovde)

Writer’s block gets all the ink, but in writer-director Darko Lungulov’s feature debut, Robert (David Thornton) has musician’s block. Once a jazz saxophonist, he can no longer pick up his horn or even open the case. Broke and depressed, he is evicted from his dumpy apartment and swiftly overstays his welcome at a friend’s place by drinking all of her booze.

Unshaven and unkempt, Robert even looks like he reeks of smoke from the cigarettes constantly dangling from his lower lip. Thick, wild hair stands on end like that of a troll doll, and Thornton’s hunched shoulders and narrowed eyes convey chronic cynicism.

With no place else to go, Robert accepts an unusual offer from Branko (Branislav Trifunovic), the Serbian immigrant who helps him move. Robert flies to Serbia to marry Branko’s girlfriend Ivana (Jelena Mrdja) so that she can join her beau in the States.

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