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D4 Goes to a Primal, Rageful Place to Create a Thriller for Action Fans

How about a trailer that consists of a little low-budget action styled horror? That is what director Darrin Dickerson (Fight It) is delivering in his new feature D4. The show begins with a a group of mercenaries venturing into a government research facility to rescue a doctor's kidnapped child for profit (Quiet). But someone or something is waiting for them there! Screen the trailer below for D4 and visit the link below for a second teaser trailer.

The synopsis for D4 here:

"A team of ex-military mercenaries is hired by a wealthy doctor to rescue her kidnapped child from a supposedly abandoned government facility. Once inside, they discover they're not alone, and what was meant to be a simple search and rescue quickly turns into a fight for survival" (Quiet).

Release Date: July, 2010.

Director/writer: Darrin Dickerson.

Cast: Eric Berner, Clay Brocker, Darrin Dickerson, Jaimee Gray Simon, Jeff Hime, Ted LeGarde,

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