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Canadian Film Festival: Short Films Review

Rosie Takes The Train

Directed by Stephen Philip Scott

Written by Stephen Philip Scott

Canada, 2011

Set in the 1930’s, Rosie Takes The Train tells the story of young girl who embarks on a train journey by herself. As the voyage unfolds, so to does her life, as we see her in various stages of maturity. Through her interactions with other passengers, we learn about Rosie’s life, her losses, regrets, and aspirations.

With a running time of only 10-minutes, Rosie Takes The Train uses this otherwise obstructive time constraint as a clever storytelling device, emphasizing the fleeting, ephemeral nature of life.

Consequently, life itself is embodied in the train journey. As the world around her changes, for better or for worse, the train becomes a permanent fixture in her life, the only tangible constant. The final destination and purpose of the journey, and by extension life, is unknown, or more appropriately,

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