Top 30: Underrated action movies – Part 1

The action movie. It’s my bread and butter. Give me 90 minutes of arse-kicking over the latest critically acclaimed drama any day. But between the constant stream of new action flicks coming out of Hollywood via for your attention alongside a barrage of straight to DVD releases it can be hard to find the really Good action movies these days – you can’t even rely on the big name action stars to provide solid action entertainment these days!

So with that in mind I thought I’d complied my Top 30 underrated action movies – those that may have slipped under the radar of all but those that scour Impact Magazine cover to cover, but definitely deserve hunting down. In part one I’m taking a look at the films 30 – 21. So in no particular order…

30) Last Line of Defense (aka Interceptor Force)

Stars: Olivier Gruner | Availability: DVD (UK/Us)

29) Ring of Fire

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