Anna Faris Reveals Her Secret To Glowing Skin — It’s Just $6.79

Anna admits that she used to be addicted to laying in the sun until she realized that she was damaging her skin. Find out her healthy go-to tanning product that she now can't do without. "I grew up in Seattle, and the sun was rarely out. When I first moved to La I couldn't get enough sun, I would lay out all the time," Anna Faris admits to Stylelist. After her makeup artist told her she was ruining her skin, she switched to sunless tanners that eventually left her orange and streaky. Find out her perfect sunless tanning solution that will cost you just $6.79! "Then a girlfriend of mine a few years back turned me on to Jergens Natural Glow. And for me, it's a perfect product because I could put it on every day," explains Anna. "I don't have to worry about if it's going to being streaky. For my skin,

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