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In the Name of the Emma

Ja from Mnpp here with a bit of happy news for those of us who bow down before the awesome thespian powers of Emma Thompson (and our knees hurt because we've been bowing for awhile hoping it will make her work more often, to not enough avail) - she's at work on several new projects (that Richard Lagravenese project Beautiful Creatures sounds interesting to me, but then I've been waiting 15 years for him to make something as good as Living Out Loud) and today it's been announced she's actually going to go back and play a character she already has before... and it's not Nanny McPhee! She was nominated for an Oscar for playing the human rights attorney Gareth Pierce in 1993's In the Name of the Father and she's going to play Pierce again, says Screen Daily.

"The Middle East- and London-set drama [called The Secret Evidence] follows a young British couple mistakenly

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