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[TV] The Virginian: The Complete First Season

At one time, Westerns were the most popular genre of television program. There were as many westerns on TV in the fifties and sixties as there are reality shows today. One of the longest running and most popular of these was The Virginian. It was among the first of the “Adult Westerns” (meaning it wasn’t the stereotypical white hat vs. the black hat shoot-em-up) and was the first 90-minute show of the Western genre.

The series starred James Drury as the unnamed hero, perpetually known only as “the Virginian”. It’s never made clear (at least, not in the first season) why the Virginian left his home to travel to Wyoming or why he never reveals his true name but no one in the series seems bothered by his secretive nature. Drury is one of the more laid back western heroes. He isn’t in the larger-than-life John Wayne mold.

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