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The Night Lands Review: A Novel Approach

I was just getting my feet wet last week when I wrote my first Novel Approach column. This week, I think I have more interesting insight to share and I hope you'll agree.

Remember: for a review of "The Night Lands" from the perspective of a Game of Thrones newbie, click on the preceding link. For the take of someone who knows the novels well, read below...

The Long Suffering Character Award Of the Week Goes To... Daenerys!

While other beloved characters in the book have skipped through chapters, darted around in and out of them, had material written and taken away, it's Dany - the lone female with any claim to the Throne - who is suffering the most at the hands of Season Two. We've seen about 10 pages of material here, and so far they've killed her beloved white horse and sent back the first outrider seemingly riderless,

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