Kiyoshi Maekawa, Wakako Sakai and Yu Yamada star in “Tabi no Okurimono: Ashita e”

Today it was announced that Kiyoshi Maekawa, Wakako Sakai and Yu Yamada will star in Tabi no Okurimono: Ashita e, a movie financed by a group of cities and companies in Fukui Prefecture.

The film is a human drama about three people facing hardships in their lives who travel to Fukui by train from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka respectively.

Director Tetsu Maeda (School Days with a Pig) claims his goal for the project is to create an “adult fantasy” which will evoke feelings that people will value.

Maekawa will play the former executive director of a construction company’s design department. Fellow acting veteran Sakai will play a professional beautician on a business trip. Both actors claim the film’s story caused them to reminisce about their own lives and careers.

Yamada, who recently married actor Shun Oguri, plays a woman who is hesitant to get married.

“Tabi no Okurimono:

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