Andy Cohen on 'SNL': Did Taran Killam miss the mark?

Despite already having his own show and being an executive vp for Bravo, Andy Cohen can now say he's officially made it: "Saturday Night Live" took on the "Watch What Happens Live" host this weekend portraying him as egocentric, squirmy and kind of dumb.

"Omg the one night I go to bed early I'm lampooned on SNL?! Great job I am flattered! #ImLikeAShark #VeryCute," Cohen tweeted.

The skit was amusing, but did "SNL" cast member Taran Killam totally miss the mark on Cohen's persona?

Radio host Ben Harvey tweeted, "You are much more butch than they portrayed you last night, fyi!"

Cohen responded with, "yeah I know I'm not Clint Eastwood but....??"

Actress Kristen Johnston tweeted, "If only the guy playing you had actually thought abt his "impression'...I thought it sucked. He dint say 'sweetie'!"

And some fans and Cohen pals thought it was just plain mean.

"Mad Fashion" star Chris March wrote,

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