Grace Dent's TV Od: Grandma's House

Simon Amstell's sitcom, Grandma's House, is back for a second series – and our confused reactions to it say a lot about the state of British comedy

"They're going to let you act? But why?" gasps Simon Amstell's telly mother in the returning Grandma's House (Thu, 10pm, BBC2). The opening episode is some of the sharpest TV I've watched so far this year. "Do you need some more acting lessons?" she asks. "Maybe," nods Simon, sheepishly. Upstairs in his grandma's box-bedroom, Simon's been having his own Caroline Flack/Harry Styles crisis with a small, unruly superfan, while downstairs his family slag off his writing ability in dizzying meta-plotlines. "I don't know why you don't make something actually entertaining for people," tuts Simon's hairy-faced Auntie Liz. "Normal people don't have time to concentrate."

Whether Simon can act any better in series two, I'm not sure, but I'm certain I don't care.

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