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Metal Shifters

Originally titled Iron Invader, which may have been a self-conscious throwback to now gleefully cheesy monster flicks of the 1950's, Metal Shifters offers little in the way of mass monsterdom, instead focusing on one hunk of metal infected by outer space bacteria. That's the least of the film's problems really, as this SyFy channel production belongs on a long list of films that are long on ambition and woefully short on just about everything else. Wasting little time in setting up the story of a very, very small town and two brothers, Jake (Kavan Smith) and Ethan (Colby Johannson) scoring a quick buck while dumping some satellite scrap metal with Earl (Donnelly Rhodes), the town nutcase. Earl is working on a metal "golem" to commemorate the town's centennial, but when space bacteria grabs hold and enlivens the metal beast, the creature hungers for some iron-rich blood (yes) and goes on the hunt.

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