DVD Review - Acts of Godfrey (2012)

Acts of Godfrey, 2012.

Written and Directed by Johnny Daukes.

Starring Simon Callow, Iain Robertson, Harry Enfield, Doom Mackichan and Ian Burfield.


God (Simon Callow) presents us a story (in verse), mainly following Victor (Iain Robertson) at a business seminar but bringing in others and slowly revealing how every single one of them is connected.

A film that takes existentialism as one of its themes is probably suited to the image of a man standing naked outside a classy hotel, rain pouring down on him. But I’ll come back to that later. Johnny Daukes, director, writer, even on the soundtrack, has crafted a decent film out of an idea that sounds like it could be up its own backside.

And because it’s the biggest point about a film that’s in verse, the huge, neon-signed, man bellowing through a megaphone question is: Can the writing be good without being a show-off gimmick?

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