'The Hills' sneak peek: Justin Bobby returns, Audrina is awkward

Tonight's June 1 episode of "The Hills" sees the return of one very familiar face... Justin Bobby Brescia is back! The last time we saw him was when he and Kristin Cavallari were pretending to be dating on "The Hills" post-finale reunion show last season. No one was fooled then, and this most recent appearance feels just as manufactured.

Audrina Patridge brings Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt to an Epic records showcase at the Viper Room to check out a band called Purple Melon. She's shocked to discover that Justin Bobby's band, Ed Stanley, is playing there too.

We're sure producers had noooo idea.

There's some awkward small talk. where Justin asks Audrina about... everything. "How's everything? Good? Boys? Friends? Life? Girls?" Audrina can't quite keep up with all of that, so she says, "Did you cut your hair again?"

We'll give MTV credit; Audrina really does look surprised to see Justin.

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