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Preview: 9th Fantastic Films Weekend

Starting tomorrow at the National Media Museum, the Fantastic Films Weekend is the UK’s fastest growing festival dedicated to horror, fantasy and sci-fi cinema and television. This dynamic annual celebration of old, new, bloody and obscure is hosted by the National Media Museum in Bradford, a unique site that can screen all film formats including widescreen 70mm, 3-strip Cinerama and IMAX.

This years 9th Fantastic Films Weekend will take place from Friday 4th – Sunday 6th June 2010, and looks set to be a great mix of films and television, old and new. Highlights include a midnight screening of James Nguyen’s Birdemic, Q&A’s with British directing veterans Stanley Long and Michael Armstrong, and screenings of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Witchfinder General, and the notorious cult classic Mark of the Devil – all of which haven’t been seen on the big screen in years! There will also

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