Iseya, Kagawa, Shofukutei join cast of Miwa Nishikawa’s “Yume Uru Futari”

Today more cast members were announced for Miwa Nishikawa’s next film Yume Uru Futari. The new additions are Yusuke Iseya, Teruyuki Kagawa, and Tsurube Shofukutei.

Kagawa has previously worked with Nishikawa in both Sway and Dear Doctor, the latter of which starred Shofukutei.

Although Iseya hasn’t appeared in any of her films, they did work together on the set of Distance in 2001 when she was Hirokazu Kore-eda’s assistant director.

Today also saw the release of a new poster for the film. It features the two main stars—Sadao Abe and Takako Matsu—looking particularly shell-shocked with a small tagline under them which translates to something like “Humanity’s greatest enigma, man and woman”.

In the film, their characters are a married couple who conspire to commit marriage fraud. The targets of their scam are played by Lena Tanaka, Sawa Suzuki, Tae Kimura, Tamae Ando, and Yuka Ebara,

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