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Hammer To Make 'Winchester House' - I Wish They Had Made 'The Raven', Too

In San Jose, California, there is a creepy mansion called The Winchester Mystery House, where the widow of the Winchester Rifle fortune lived in a nightmare of her husband's making.

Convinced that the souls of those who had been killed at the hands of a Winchester gun were out for revenge against her, Sarah Winchester moved to California in 1884 and built a $5 million home (that's 5 Million in "1884" money, so like, 200 Million today) in Northern California designed to confuse the spirits with doorways to nothing, stairs to nowhere, perspective tricks, hidden passageways, secret rooms, and anything and everything she could think of to keep them from "getting" her.

This isn't the movie yet; this is a true story. The Winchester House is now a museum open for amusement and paranormal investigations, but it definitly has a sinister past that is a very likely setting for a horror film.

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