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Director Cristopharo's Bloody Sins out on Display

Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo from House of Flesh Mannequins and The Museum of Wonders has completed shooting on Bloody Sins and the film was released in Italy January 1st, 2010. There is no word on when the film will be shown in North America, however, a new trailer for the feature can be seen inside that pays bloody respect to the Spanish Inquisition and the "Nazis in World War II" (Horror). Scenes of torture and sadism spice up Cristopharo's latest, which seems light on dialogue and heavy on the surreal. Step inside Cristopharo's nightmare with this first clip from Bloody Sins inside.

A description of the film:

"From the director of House of Flesh Mannequins and The Museum of Wondersanother shocking experience where beauty, madness, sex and blood are again melted together in a no limits Italian '70's old movie style!" (Bloody).

Release Date: Unknown.

Director: Domiziano Cristopharo.

Writers: Domiziano Cristopharo,

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