Jacques Audiard’s Un Prophete Headed To Blu-ray

Coming out of 2009, many films were on the tips of everyone’s collective tongue. However, very few had the critical power behind them than Jacques Audiard’s Oscar nominated French film, A Prophet.

The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in ’09, and stars Tahar Rahim in a true star making role. However, the film really did not hit the big time, as it was not all that widely seen. Well, now is everyone’s chance to see the film, as according to, the film will hit Blu-ray on August 3.

The Blu-ray will include a commentary with Audiard and Rahim, along with the film’s co-writer, Thomas Bidegain, and will include deleted scenes as well. The truly special features include screen tests from Tahar Rahim, as well as Tahar Rahim and Gilles Cohen’s rehearsal footage. I’ve always been a really big fan

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