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Filmmaker Patricia Chica Gets a Tribute

On Friday, June 4th, Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica got a tribute retrospect in her honour organized by Festivalissimo, a film festival, at the Ex-Centris movie theatre. Besides, Chica got decorated.

First of all, the 150 people who attended this event in Montreal saw twelve film and video works of the past twelve years, in chronological order, in order for the viewers to witness the evolution of her narrative and visual style as an artist. There was the short film The Promise, some music videos directed by Chica, teasers of the documentaries Rockabilly 514 and Twice K.O., as well as her latest film Day Before Yesterday.

Among the personalities that showed up at the screening there were various actors and protagonists from her films such as Francine Grimaldi (The Promise), Michelle Boback and Richard Robitaille (Day Before Yesterday), The Richard and Eric Paradis (fetish scene celebrities) as well as Magdalena Piwowarski

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