Roman Polanski To Direct Dreyfus Affair Drama 'D'

While his personal/legal affairs unfortuantely continue to overshadow the late stage career of Roman Polanski, he continues to solider on, taking on challenging, intriguing fare. Last fall he delivered the drama/satire "Carnage," the big-screen version of the acclaimed play "God Of Carnage," and before that he helmed the underrated political potboiler "The Ghost Writer." And for his next effort, he's turning to a true-life tale.

The director has announced that his next film will be the single letter titled "D" based on the Dreyfus Affair. What is the Drefus Affair? That's why we have Wikipedia, but here's the rundown of what happened from the press release:

In December 1894, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, one of the few Jewish officers on the General Staff of the French Army, was subjected to a secret court martial for passing secrets to the Germans. Found guilty, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Devil’s Island.

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