Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne’s Space Milkshake Trailers Brings All the Geeks to the Yard

Never heard of Armen Evrensel’s “Space Milkshake” until now? Join the club. The film looks like a big sci-fi gag, with “Sanctuary” stars Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne playing two members of a spaceship staffed by four humans. The tagline, “We’re ducked”, is intriguing, though. Or as the very brisk official synopsis put it: Four spaceworkers on a run down orbital sanitation station run into a few problems when they salvage a strange device from space ship wreckage. Yeah, not much there. Apparently one of those “few problems” involves giant alien creatures and possibly the end of humanity as we know it. Well, except for them. The film also co-stars Kristen Kreuk (of “Smallville” fame) and Billy Boyd (of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy fame). “Space Milkshake” is due sometime in 2012. When that happens, we’re all ducked.

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