DVD Review: Acts of Godfrey

Acts Of Godfrey

Stars: Iain Robertson, Simon Callow, Harry Enfield, Doon Mackichan, Ian Burfield | Written and Directed by Johnny Daukes

If anything complicates life it’s people and fate. People are complicated individual and like to think they are in control of their fate. Acts of Godfrey takes a look at this and shows a different side of thing, where fate is in fact manipulated for events to happen and people are pushed into actions that others see the best of them, no matter if this is in fact the truth.

Vic Timms is an insurance man who is not good at this job, he should be pushing people into buying his product but he lacks belief in it. He has a cynical yet moralistic look on life that makes him appear in a perpetual bad move, life just does not work for him. At the start of the story

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