Eurovision 2012: 5 Entries Committing Pop Theft

Week 4: Sometimes in Eurovision, producers and artists just struggle to come up with original ideas for songs. I mean the contest has been going on for 57 years now so it’s a little more difficult to think outside of the box these days. The solution: ‘Hmmm, why don’t we just nab some bits from songs that have already been chart hits? It’ll take less time (and money – we’re in debt remember), sound instantly familiar to everyone who’s heard the original and will definitely be better than that cack about pigeons we were composing before. Just give it to some young sexy people to sing, throw in some equally sexy dancers, add a gimmick – flames, snow, thunder, midgets dressed as sheep – and ta-dah! We’ve totally won this thing.’ The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is rife with stolen musical identities so here are 5 cases of Pop Theft

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