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Prends ça court to Be Held on June 18

Fans of short films living in Montreal, the event Prends ça court will be organized on June 18 at the Monument-National (1182 St-Laurent Boulevard). Obviously, expect to hear about 17 shorts and more. Moreover, these shorts were seen at Sundance, the Oscars ceremony and else where in the world.

* Les barbares, from Jean-Gabriel Périot (France).

* Sinna Mann, from Anita Killi (Norway).

* My Invisible Friend, from Pablo Larcuen (Spain).

* Trolls, from Brianne Nord-Stewart (Canada).

* ¿Donde Esta Kim Basinger?, from Édouard Déluc.

* The Ground Beneath, from Rene Hernandez (Australia).

* A Gentle Creature, from Marc James Roels (Belgium).

* Raymond a peut-être la rage, from Ramiro Bélanger (Canada).

* Old Fangs, from Adrien Merigeau (Ireland).

* Na Wewe, from Ivan Goldschmidt (Belgium).

* Chienne d'histoire, from Serge Avédikian (France).

* Love Patate, from Gilles Cuvelier (France).

* The New Tenants, from Joachim Back (Danemark).

* Glen Owen Dodds, from Frazer Bailey (Australia).

* Les sauvages, from Antoine Cuypers (Belgium).

* The Lost Thing, from Andrew Ruhemann

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